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Grand Champion
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All of our Rabbits come with Pedigree
How to groom and care for lesson,
Follow Up Q & A
Included with Purchase 
for Our new Rabbit 'Parents'.

WE are Eager to help you pick out 'Some Bunny to Love' 
Assisting you in the selection of proper size and 
type cage for your Bunnies from our Online Cage Catalog.

WE are located in wonderful Southern VT , near Mt Snow Ski Resort!
(an easy trip from NY,NJ,CT,MD,ME,MA,NH...)

So Again , WELCOME to Love Your Buns Rabbitry!

(we are no longer offering english lop rabbits, sorry)

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A+ Qualitiy Cage and Supply

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German Angora Rabbits Are WAY ADORABLE!

You May Fall in Love
with one & have to Have it!

Love Your Buns 
Grand Champion Lines
of ARBA Registered 
Giant and IAGARB German Rabbits 

Our Bunnies are for Sale to Good Homes Only. If You Are Seeking Purchase Information from Us Please include your name, city, state. Please Tell us Why you want a Lop, As well as a bit about your Current Pet Experience and Home Environment.

Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply

Love Your Buns Famous

100% German Angora Rabbits

We Have the Finest in German Angora Available.
All Love Your Buns' German Angora are 100% German,
Pedigreed, with Excellent Temperaments
and the Finest in Wool Yield/Production.

10 Month German Doe

Love Your Buns Rabbitry, Cage and Supply co.


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Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply

A+ Qualitiy Cage and Supply
Online Catalog
This cage is called " My Favorite Rabbit Cage"

This Cage can be used as a single, set on floor or purchase 3 to use stacked .

Cage dimensions 30 x 36 x 18", Constructed using 14 Gauge Wire

Each Cage Comes Complete With: Urine Guards, Deep 2 1/2" Galvanized Metal Refuse Tray, Inter-locking Legs, Bottom Support & Tray Slides. All doors are heavily reinforced & swing out for safety. The Feature I love about these cages is the door opening is floor level; Meaning no curb to catch & hurt bunnies feet or legs when lifting bunny in & out of cages.

When cages are used as a Single We recommend Placement of a large Carpet Square on top of cage. This is great for resting bunny toys, treats & food .

"My Favorite Rabbit Cage " Cost is only $103. per cage + S/H/I.(price subject to change W.O.N) -this cage is also available in the following sizes: 24"x30"x18", 18"x24X14", and 24x24x14...just email us for pricing- Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply

Economy Cage

Our Economy cage has a swing in door (tricky to not hurt bunny or self w/that kind of door), -NO Urine Guards or Leg kit for stacking included (but available separately). Cages Made with 16 Gauge Wire. Refuse tray is not as deep or sturdy as the other model (this one is plastic) Cage measures 36w x 24d x 14h"

The Economy cage is priced at $90.per cage & s/h/I. *other sizes by special order*

The Perfect Cage for Outdoor Bunnies

A beautiful alternative to a wire cage is our Rabbit Ranch.
A combination barn and cage makes a perfect home for rabbits, 
and other small animals.  

Barn roof opens for second access door and feed storage.  
Barn is constructed of red and white metal and includes a sliding front door.  

Cage is made of extra durable double dipped galvanized wire mesh
with 1" spacing (cage floor spacing is 1/2" x 1").  
Provided rigid leg kit raises unit 23" off ground.  
Feeders sold separately.  
Shipped UPS knocked down. 
Price $240. each
Shipping, Handling & Insurance is additional.

Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply

  14 Gauge Wire, 
  Solid Dividers 
  Deep Metal Refuse Tray, 
  Top Opening.

  -2 Hole Cage 18" x 16" x 12" ...$check with us please 
  -4 Hole Cage  28" x 16" x 12" ...$check with us for price please

Nest Boxes: 

Solid Steel  
Easy to clean,

Large 11" x 17" x 8"  $-check w/us for current $$
regular 8" x 12" x 8" $-please contact us for current price. 
Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply
______________________ Rabbit Feeders: Galv. metal, Rivited Wire Hanger Attachments Hinged covers. Size: 3 3/4" #50187 Slotted Bottom $email us 5 1/2" #50136 Slotted Bottom $email us for price _________________ Plastic Water Bottles: Comes complete with drinking tube & cap #6201 32 oz bottle $--- #6202 16 oz bottle $----email us for prices please

We Offer Foot Relaxer Floor Inserts!
This Is Exactly what your Bunny Has been asking you for!
These Wonderful inserts snap into existing wire cage floors & provide 
rest & healing to tired sore hocks.  You will want one of these in each cage!
Provide Exceptional Results for healing red raw feet & hocks.  
Easily removable & clean up in soapy bleach water.  
Size 10x15" (Imported from Spain) Only $10.00 each /min order 3 inserts.

Replacement Parts Are Available for Cages 
-Please email for specific item/price-
Shipping & Handling is Additional on All Items Prices & Availability Subject to Change without Written Notice

PLEASE NOTE: -These Special Prices are for Web orders only-

*Please verify Your Cage, Rabbit Supply and s/h/i Cost when you email us your order* All Orders Must Include UPS delivery Address w/Zip code. -Thanks so much-

Recommended Bunny Books For Sale Here!

Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply

Please cut/ paste your selection into an email to us to order, along with your name, UPS address & zip.  Thanks!

New Books:

    * A practical  beginning to successful rabbit raising $5.00 57pages, w/ photos, soft cover(sc)
    * Raising rabbits successfully; bob bennet $15.sc.192 pages w/ photos & illustrations
    * All the info you need to raise healthy rabbits $15.00 134pp SC 60 color photos +
    * Rabbits, a complete pet owner's manual , barrons pub. sc $10.00 ; 65 pp
    * Rabbits, by m. f. Roberts; sc. 80 pp 16 color photos $10.00
    * Your Rabbit, A kids guide to raising and showing- Nancy searle; storey pub.$18.00
    * Arba Presents: official guidebook to raising better rabbits sc, 192pp $12.00
    * Hop to it; a guide to training your pet rabbit illustrations & over 50 color photos sc, $15.00
    * House Rabbit Handbook; how to live with an urban rabbit, sc, $16.00
    * Lop Rabbits  as pets; sandy crook; HC; over 100+ color photos $30.00
    * Angora Wool Ranching- w. Otto & HB burden, sc $15.00
    * Otto's Angora's : Q & A's; SC $18.00
    * All about Rabbits-HC. Howard hirschorn,98 pp, color photos throughout, $18.00
    * Complete book on housetraining Rabbits, sc ST Perkan, $12.00
    * Selecting and Raising Rabbits; Info Booklet sc, $5.00
    * FRM Rabbit Care Guide large booklet/ pamphlet $4.00
    * Rabbits : selection, housing, breeding, feeding, marketing, health, booklet sc, $5.00


    * Rabbits,Paul Paradise; HC, selection, housing, breeding, feeding, health  $10. lots of color photos throughout.
    * All about Rabbits- SC. Howard hirschorn,98 pp, color photos throughout, $9.00
    * Guide to owning a rabbit: housing , feeding, breeding , health care, showing: Anne Lindsey.  PB,65 pp tons of color full page photos. $12.00
    * Basic Angora wool Farming ; sc Carl Nagel  $16.00

SUGGESTED READING: COMPLETELY ANGORA THE 2ND EDITION, PRINTED IN CANADA: Out of Print- Maybe Available from Love Your Buns Angora, Please send an email to see about ordering for this wonderful book. (book is oop no longer available in stores, we may have a mint new copy for sale) - include your home address street city state and zip. - we have just one left at $200, for autographed mint copy never read. Love Your Buns Quality Cages & Rabbit Supply

Love Your Buns Angora Rabbitry

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